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  • How a geo ground or air to water heat pumps work with high efficiency
  • Before any heating system becomes attractive to the average consumer, questions of energy efficiency have to be answered. After all, who wants to pay more for space heat and hot water than is necessary? None of us do. That’s why it’s so important to check the energy efficiency of a heat pump system before spending the money to have one installed in your home. While it is true that the government and power companies offer financial incentives for using heat pumps, such systems are not right for every application. There are some times when a heat pump just cannot get it done. When a heat pump system can do the job, it is likely the system will be more efficient than other options.


    How Heat Pump Systems Work

    A heat pump works by extracting heat energy from either the ground or the outside air. That heat is collected by circulating a thermal fluid within the system, and then into a pump for distribution as space heat or energy to heat water. For all intents and purposes, a heat pump system works the same as a refrigeration system except in reverse. Where a refrigerator extracts heat from the inside of the unit and carries it outside, a heat pump system extracts heat from the outside air and carries it in. The efficiency of the system is measured in terms of something known as coefficient of performance (CoP).

    CoP is a ratio that determines how much energy a system produces in relation to the power it uses. Therefore, if your heat pump has a CoP of three, will it will produce the equivalent of 3 kW of heat for every 1 kW of electricity used. That’s not a bad ratio. What you need to be concerned about before installing a heat pump system is the average CoP based on the system you are looking at and the area where you live. Average CoP is important because air and ground temperature change with the weather. Moreover, even with ground systems, heat loss is still a reality because the system extracts heat from the ground. In order to know whether a heat pump system truly is energy efficient, you need to know the average CoP, not just the optimal CoP.

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