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The pacesetter of energy conservation and emissions reductio

In order to reduce the pollution of coal, improve the quality of air , several provinces and cities in north China began to vigorously promote the policy of "coal to electricity".According to statistics, in the first half of 2017,The project purchases more than $7.3 billion.Among them, Tongyi heat pump with the advantages of energy conservation and environmental protection account for the "coal to electricity" 80% of the market.Compared with air source heat pump, heat storage type electric heating products although the price is much lower, but the cost is too high, and also as air source heat pump in security, therefore only occupies a small market share.

Air source heat pump is representative of the new energy products, it is only a small amount of electricity, air can be absorbed in low grade thermal energy efficient heating.Compared with electric heater, it owns more advantages of energy saving, 1 kw electric energy can be absorbed from the air 3 ~ 4 of the free energy, means that three to four times more than the electric heater and energy saving;Compared with wall-mounted gas furnace, air source heat pump not gas, without harmful gas emissions, there will be no gas leakage and explosion safety problems, to use more at ease.Air source  industry is green, energy-saving, environmental protection, do not burn coal, no emissions, do not pollute the air, more won't cause smog disaster, can be fully used in hot water, heating, drying, etc, is indeed the best alternative to coal fired boiler.

Air source energy saving effect is proved by many case.According to statistics, more than ten years, the energy saving effect of air to heat pump industry, the equivalent of 17.5 million tons of standard coal saving for the society, carbon dioxide, 45 billion kg, sulfur dioxide emission reduction, 400 million kg, for the society to save energy costs more than 20 billion, the equivalent of planting 3.5 billion trees for the society.It is understood that in last year's wave of coal to electricity, heating of the air can substitute the coal-fired boiler heating was brought to the user not only economical, have also brought environmental improvement.Single "coal to electricity" project in Beijing, the year is expected to cut 2 million tons of coal consumption, can reduce the smoke and dust emissions about 30000 tons, of about 16000 tons of sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides of about 05000 tons.Beijing coal consumption accounted for the total energy consumption ratio dropped to below 14%, the governance of haze weather improved significantly.And this contribution cannot leave behind a batch of outstanding representatives of Tongyi heat pump to national brand in the air energy utilization technology research and promoting.

As the heating demand further expanded, Tongyi heat pump to a batch of excellent heat pump companies such as will also continue to play a greater environmental benefits, promote the sustainable development of resources and environment in China.Tongyi will be professional attitude, leading technology , keep up with the pace of The Times, keep up with the pace of national policy, for the general customers with energy saving, environmental protection, comfortable new experience!

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