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Welcome to Tongyi’s 22nd whampoa military academy training

As China's northern "coal to electricity" has entered a deep stage, various provinces and municipalities have introduced relevant policies to promote clean heating reform. As a new type of clean heating, air heating safety, energy saving, environmental protection and comfort, in the "coal to electricity" project was highly respected by the government, but also let the air in the country blowing a whirlwind of energy saving transformation. Many hotels, hospitals, schools, factories and other hot water and heating projects have priority in the selection of air energy products, all over the air renovation project is also in full swing. The development of air heat pump products demand growth also makes the air industry technology, service talent gap increased, more and more industry personnel, dealers in urgent need of professional air skill training, and Tongyi’s twenty-second Whampoa military academy training class then develops to a certain extent, solve the needs of industry.
Tongyi’s Whampoa military training class has 11 years, 21 years of trials and hardships, the  Whampoa military academy training class for the industry to cultivate a group of outstanding technical personnel, marketing services, these come out from the Whampoa military academy students now most active in the market first, some become famous the technical service backbone, some become local influential dealers, and made great contributions to the rapid development of the industry can boost air health, has been highly concerned about the industry and the community praise.
The twenty-second session of the Whampoa  military academy training class, Tongyi heat pump will make to the "heating" for the special training courses, from the prospect of the industry, market trends, product design, selection, quotation, installation and maintenance, a full range of professional training to dealers, the full power of the dealer to create wealth. In addition, the class is closely linked to the current "coal to electricity" hot set Whampoa military academy training courses, an important course covers the design and renovation of heating air to the north in commercial projects, the promotion and application of air cooling and heating machine, coal power project operation experience sharing. Through learning, case study and theoretical guidance, it will help to enhance the students' application ability in marketing, management, project design and so on.
As the highest institution of air industry training, Tongyi heat pump Whampoa military academy training to promote the development of the industry as its mission, to continue the tradition of benifit people benefit oneself" spirit of enterprise, do not receive any training costs, truly free of charge for air industry personnel training. September 26, 2017 - 27, Tongyi heat pump coal to electricity special training and the twenty-second session of the Whampoa military academy training will be grandly opened in Hebei in Baoding, welcome to enroll in the air industry colleagues!

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