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Learn more about heat pump heating technology,just come and

In recent years, with the rapid development of heat pump heating technology, coupled with the encouragement and support of the national government for the development of heat pump industry, the development of heating pumps in China is in the ascendant. However, although the situation is excellent, but the opportunities and challenges, to success still need some preparation. For example, high-quality air heating products, has the profound understanding of heating technology, "coal to electricity", are essential factors of dealer success.

To meet the market demand, improve the situation of lack of professional talents of heating heat pump,Tongyi heat pump in September 26, 2017 to 27 in Hebei, Baoding held the benefit of air coal to electricity special training and the twenty-second session of the Whampoa military academy training class, the national distributor to carry on the comprehensive heat pump professional guidance, help dealers better promotion heating heating products, master professional knowledge, first won the heat pump heating wealth.

In the training class, Tongyi will bring the benefit of air heat pump heating market trend analysis and design, new heating heating machine, popularization and application of the engineering project bidding process analysis, coal to electricity trend analysis and other training courses, the dealer gives comprehensive training, improve service ability. Tongyi air source heat pump as the "Beijing coal electricity key recommendation unit", Tongzhou District, Fangshan District and Shunyi District had won the bid, Chaoyang District coal to electricity projects heating technology is mature, experienced, for dealers depth analysis of coal to electricity projects.

Industry sources said, with the northern region "coal to electricity" project, the air heating market will reach 100 billion scale, broad prospects for industry, business opportunities unlimited. And in the case of Tongyi heat pump heating professionals are still relatively lacking, who took the lead in mastering professional skills, who will be able to preempt the commanding heights of the market, win the future. For the benefit of air Whampoa military academy training can lay solid foundation for success, what are you hesitating? Just come to join us !

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