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Tongyi air source will continue to force in the field of agr

"Coal to electricity" is still ongoing, as the "coal to electricity" source of Beijing City, the jurisdiction of its administrative areas are almost all related transformation. Recently, Beijing Shunyi District Beiwu Town People's government released the 2017 Beiwu town agricultural production field of coal to clean energy projects finalists, Tongyi win the new bidding.

In recent years, in order to alleviate the haze caused by heavy air pollution status quo, the government actively advocates low carbon environmental protection new clean heating scheme, take the lead in Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei led by the northern region comprehensively promote clean heating work. In March this year, as the country's first implementation of the "coal to electricity" in Beijing City, the introduction of "winter clean rural areas related to promote the 2017 heating guidance" work regulations, expand the transformation and the field of subsidies, agricultural facilities and village committees and other activities included in the scope of reform. In the field of agricultural production, "coal to clean energy" and "coal reduction and coal conversion" become another battlefield for clean heating work in rural areas of Beijing in winter.

The benefit of air Chaoyang District, Tongzhou District this year following the Beijing two "coal to electricity" project, again winning Shunyi District North Town agricultural production field of coal to clean energy project is not accidental. As air industry leading brand, Tongyi heat pump to the industry for 18 years, adhere to technological innovation and cutting-edge research, with advanced technology and high standards in the industry. After years of market cultivation, the benefit of air with excellent quality and service to establish a good market reputation, well received by the user's favorite and support for air industry to establish a benchmark project, commercial machine household machine throughout the country, covering schools, hotels, hospitals, factories and other areas. The bid also reflects the highly recognized government technology and services for Tongyi , highlighting the increasingly leading in the field of air energy industry status.

The field of agricultural production "coal to electricity" project as a clean winter heating field strong new growth point, the benefit of air will continue to follow up, taking advantage of the brand and product development potential, contribute to each piece of beautiful scenery of the work of energy-saving emission reduction.

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