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The sales season,Tongyi air source heat pump project was blo

September and October are the harvest months, ushered in the annual air energy heater sales season. Along with the temperature gradually turns cool, air to water heater application and engineering machine is more widely in hotels, hospitals, schools, factories and other places, various air reconstruction project is also go on like a raging fire
In the field of air source heater commercial engineering, commercial hot water system design, construction, product quality and after-sales service, testing the overall strength of the enterprise. As the air industry leading brand, by virtue of the unique experience of leading products application technology, perfect service system and customer service has accumulated over the years, Tongyi heat pump won a good reputation in the market, become the brand of choice for many fields such as schools, hospitals, hotels, the projects throughout the country
Recently, Tongyi to a full-blown hot water engineering, won a yunnan baoshan city people's hospital of hot water project, shandong taian xintai city Han Zhuang coal heat pump hot water engineering, shaoguan north guangdong people's hospital of hot water engineering, southwest of sichuan university of science and technology of hot water engineering, xi 'an fitness leisure chain hot water engineering, Inner Mongolia chifeng city yulong hot spring project sand lakes, and other large commercial hot water project, scale ranging from hundreds of tons to thousands of tons, repeatedly won large commercial hot water works, let's brand influence from air to growing.
     In the future , Tongyi heat pump can also will continue to increase in the field of commercial air can heat pump hot water project last, on the one hand for technology research and development and manufacturing of hardware is increased by ways of comprehensive upgrade the overall ascension, many applied to commercial water engineering in the field of new products into the market actively, increase the recognition degree of the market for the product;In marketing and investment, on the other hand, Tongyi  can also through the influence of high-speed AD on channel construction, boosting water project in development.

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