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  • The 21st air source whampoa military academy training a successful ending
  • On June 15th, the 21st air source whampoa military academy training successfully.Through the systematic training, dealers know more about store marketing, negotiation skills, after-sales service technical aspects of knowledge, more can understand from air source, have a clear direction for the future development.As the end of the training course, the air source industry and gave birth to a number of excellent technical service personnel.

    After the training, many dealers still wanting more, and have some deep feelings about the training.A new dealer training students said, "I am just enter the air source industry this year ,there is also not enough understanding about the market development and the air source products , through to the air source whampoa military academy training classes, i get some basic professional knowledge and skills. Therefore ,i can introduce to my clients more advantages about the air source products confidently now.At the same time,He also talked that, Tongyi heat pump faces the society in the form of public welfare training industry, plays a big role to the promotion and popularization of the industry related knowledge, it should be insist ,because it can continue to benefit the whole air industry.

    The air source whampoa military academy training classes, as a public interest action, to promote the development of industry has been successfully held the 21st session, the students after graduation can most active in China's air industry market on the line, for development, energy conservation and environmental protection industry."Air source whampoa military academy training course" successive success, not only laid a solid with the leading position in the air industry, expanding air products in consumer awareness, but also to the brand with good sense of social responsibility and the sense of responsibility.

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