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  • The good news, more and more model projects of Tongyi heat pump all over the country!
  • In recent years, air source heat pump hot water equipment for its safe and comfortable, no pollution, high efficiency and energy saving features such as environmental protection, gradually attract more and more users.As air source industry leading brand, Tongyi heat pump with its perfect quality, leading technology, hot water project experience for many years, often create hot water engineering model.

    Taojiang hot water project is the jade pool experimental school with Tongyi brand gains of one of the hot water engineering.The hot water engineering compared to the previous traditional heating equipment, energy saving effect is remarkable.School officials say that choose to cooperate with Tongyi heat pump , mainly on its professional leading brand, has the advantages in technology, quality, service, profit in Guangdong region at the same time established a series of impressive was the sample project, has so much experience, engineering quality must be assured.

    Wenzhou chau international hotel hot water engineering, is also from thousands of successful cases of classic case.Hotel manager, said in an interview for the layman, we may not be able to see through the air to the commercial machine technology, performance, quality, service and so on various aspects of advantages and disadvantages, but can be judged through the successful cases and word of mouth.At the beginning with Tongyi heat pump also mainly its thousands of successful cases, market reputation is very good.True cases and the truth is that the most powerful testimony is the product quality.

    And from another hot water engineering, yancheng star of jinjiang hot water engineering.Hotel manager, said to do the hotel hot water engineering, see ultimately is that the energy saving effect.Choose from Tongyi heat pump commercial machine, is a friend suggested.I have many friends also do the hotel, they said after installation with good air can brand commercial machine hotel hot water costs a lot less, energy saving is obvious.

    In addition to the hot water engineering, in terms of heating as well as good air can also can be seen everywhere.As Tongyi between Beijing pinggu camp dragon bridge zhuang village, the village committee heating project.According to the project director, Beijing is cold in winter, heating projects choose cooperation brand products must be able to cold.Tongyi heat pump,the brand as air product has the leading can effect comparing the warm air conditioning, below 25 ℃ environment stable operation, quality guaranteed, the service system is perfect, it is to choose the main basis of the brand.

    As the country's emphasis on energy conservation and environmental protection products and the promotion, the air source be in more than ten years fast development, the industry has become increasingly mature, and high efficiency and energy saving air source  water heater to a great extent, solves the previous water safe hidden trouble, low efficiency and high cost "pain points", and successfully applied to more and more families, place, etc.Heat pump, experts say, the replacement of traditional water heater air can water heater more than one, for the country to save more energy, is a reasonably.As the air source industry leading brand, Tongyi heat pump will continue to save energy and improve energy efficiency, promote the comprehensive utilization of resources and environmental protection as own duty, pushing air to the popularity of product, contribute to the national energy conservation and emissions reduction.

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