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  • Tongyi heat pump will lead the industry development,while “Coal to electricity “carried out continuously
  • In recent years, the core keywords of northern area of the heating is - "coal to electricity".In addition to Beijing, Tianjin region has a wide range of large-scale coal to electricity, Shandong, Hebei, Henan and other regions also have issued, clean heating air source heat pump will continue to be brought to the attention of the government, society and people.

    As the policy of Coal to electricity promulgated , entire industry is fill of enthusiasm , it reflects the government recognition of air source product, it is also for many years trying to promote the business in exchange for results.Behind the good policies,there also cant leave some air leading brand companies, professional as Tongyi heat pump etc. In the north of the validation work for many years, especially in low temperature environment was the sample project of heat pump technology breakthrough and create has accumulated rich experience;Also cannot leave the profession association according to the market to do a lot of investigations into application validation report, In addition,it also need the government actively promote, in particular, in 2015 the ministry officially approved the air heat energy into the category of renewable energy, is the most powerful affirmation to the whole industry.

    As the leading brand of air source industry , Tongyi heat pump promote the development of heat pump industry has taken on the road.From 2004 creatively put forward the air source be named, in the industry take the lead on the CCTV advertising, founded the air to huangpu military academy, class a energy saving journey joint promotional activities, and then on the policy of "coal to electricity" landing try our best, can for the air in the domestic market popularization played their part.

    One relevant responsible person of Tongyi heat pump said, along with the problem of the resources and environment is more and more serious, the government pay more and more attention to the development of the clean energy industry, and policies for the industry development.This provides for the development of the heating of the air can the green channel.With the aid of national positive policy, Tongyi heat pump will skip over the waves, take the chance to development, provide higher quality products for the people.

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