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  • Tongyi thermostatic cultivation heat pump in Fuzhou international fishery expo
  • Recently, the 12th China (Fuzhou) international fisheries exposition held in Fuzhou strait convention and exhibition center, the Fuzhou fishery expo and the exhibition of aquaculture, food processing and packaging machinery exhibition, Fujian meal diet show four exhibition held at the same place and the same period, a total of 6.6 square meters, the exhibition including aquaculture products and technology, ocean fish, aquatic products processing, seafood ingredients, minced fish fish paste products, processing and packaging, preservation technology and related equipment such as deep-sea fishing, recreational fishery products, etc., realized the full coverage from the fishing grounds to the table.Attracted from 33 countries and regions, more than 500 groups and exhibition companies, attendance of 286000 people, more than 7000 professional buyers.

    With the constant improvement of the farmers demands for production cost, efficient air source thermostatic cultivation heat pump gradually cause the attention of the market, Tongyi heat pump carry the air temperature raising heat pump, attracted many domestic and foreign merchants to come to consultation and negotiation.With good thermostatic cultivation heat pump on the one hand, to meet the farmers demand for unit stability, energy saving;Breeding heat pump using intelligent constant temperature, on the other hand, operating system, can ensure the accuracy of temperature adjustment, to meet the needs of different breeding material production.

    With the relevant person in charge of Tongyi said, the traditional thermostatic cultivation equipment, severe pollution and high energy consumption, water temperature is difficult to control factors such as difficult to manage employees to have high efficiency and energy saving air source thermostatic cultivation equipment application opportunities.Air .It keeping pace with the development of high efficiency and energy saving, security, environmental protection, not only in favor of the growth of the cultivation objects, and can save labor costs, the key is to use automatic control, constant temperature, more human, save trouble, for the vast number of fishermen thermostatic cultivation has brought the new technology application solutions.

    Tongyi heat pump in recent years in the field of air source be used to expand the high-profile, its research and development of "energy saving king" thermostatic dedicated aquaculture heat pump has been widely applied to the snake, fish farming and other industries, and achieved very good results.As the country's emphasis on energy conservation and environmental protection products and promoting, air source thermostatic cultivation heat pump will usher in a new development opportunity.From the air source be further deep tillage technology, can promote air aquaculture industry healthy and rapid development.

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