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  • Tongyi heat pump show the brand advantage, Win the hot water project of Hunan colleges and universities
  • Hot summer, air source water heater domestic market has also entered the seasonal off-season.Air source commercial engineering market, however, has not been much of an impact, energy conservation and environmental protection in government policy support and public hot water customer safety, energy saving, comfortable and demand strong, driven by market demand is still strong.

    Recently, Guangdong Tongyi Heat Pump get the Hunan normal university affiliated middle school of hot water engineering projects.At present, the project has entered the stage of equipment installation and commissioning, it will be officially put into use in a few days, when all the teachers and students can enjoy the new hot water engineering of energy conservation and environmental protection living hot water.

    It is reported, Tongyi heat pump establish the brand in Hunan province, many large commercial hot water engineering examples, the school is plenty hot water engineering cases.Such as Nanhua univercity in hengyang, hunan, hunan institute of software engineering, science, technology and industry institute of technology, which those in technical school, Yaozhe of shaoyang, shaoyang no.1 middle school, high school, yiyang pingnan jade lake school, chenzhou city first middle school, such as hot water engineering, is an excellent representative of hot water engineering, industry school wide praise the school teachers and students.At the moment, the first-class technology, stable quality, can effect comparing the advantages of the lead, with good air can brand commercial machine in hunan province has formed a good reputation.Five of the middle school, the hot water engineering, is also under the word of mouth effect lead to, once again, seen from the air can be in the leading position in the hot water engineering school!

    In addition, the brand of Tongyi is blossoming of Hunan province, most of the provinces in the south of China also can be seen everywhere, even in Henan, Hubei, Anhui, Shanxi and other northern provinces, also can be seen from the brand of Tongyi hot water engineering of footprint.At present, Tongyi heat pump has been widely used in school, hotel, hospital, leisure clubs and other places, becoming a mainstream hot water supply system.

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