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  • State grid power "coal to electricity" air source meet golden development
  • In recent years, the "coal to electricity" project is going on and not only get the government's strong support, as our country's biggest energy state, the state grid company in the north have also played a part in the clean energy transformation.Introduced in 2016 to promote the development of new energy 20 measures, created at the beginning of 2017 "state grid company promotes the development of new energy white paper", actively implement cleaner alternative, more measures and enhance the level of new energy grid, given and boost energy structure change;Vigorously implement electrical energy alternative, in promoting clean heating, coal to electricity engineering in north China, improve the efficiency of energy utilization, promote the significant achievements have been made in the aspects such as atmospheric pollution governance.

    On the one hand,the obvious effects of energy conservation and emissions reduction.Each heating season so far, Beijing can reduce coal 2.33 million tons, 6.058 million tons of carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide, 55900 tons, 16300 tons of nitrogen oxides.On the other hand, the rural power supply capacity significantly increased.Rural power supply capacity from 1.5 kw to 1.5 worth 9 kilowatts, can fully meet the requirements of Beijing rural achieve full electrification.3 it is to find a optimal path of "coal to cleaner energy."Coal to electricity" project after implementation, a fundamental shift of rural energy structure, effectively reduce the usual coal heating possible gas poisoning, fire and other safety concerns, farmers experience to heating to clean, safe, comfortable, convenient features, etc.At the same time, the industry development has brought opportunities for electric heating equipment, air source heat pump, the energy storage type electric heater, electric heating equipment industry scale expands unceasingly, in 2016 in Beijing alone on the implementation of "coal to electricity" project brought about by the market value of more than 5 billion yuan.

    "Coal to electricity use clean energy instead of the traditional coal, thus reduce the burning consumption, to achieve the purpose of reducing coal pollution, inhibition of regional air pollution.A policy that allows air to heat pump industry ushered in the development of spring.Air source be used as clean energy, brought to the attention of the countries and consumers.Industry experts said, consumers can choose green, environmental protection, healthy air products has become an inevitable trend, air energy industry will soon as low carbon energy saving trend in golden development.Under this background, the strength of the air to leading brand companies, professional, more become objects of common concern to investors.Such as Tongyi heat pump on behalf of air to enterprises and our heat pump application is in the international advanced level, for the north and the south winter clean heating provides a good solution.

    With the deepening of the policy of "coal to electricity", around the subsidy scheme introduced one by one, state grid measures and support more, throughout the country has entered the era of clean energy, air spring has come.Tongyi heat pump with professional attitude, leading technology will keep up with the pace of The Times, keep up with the pace of national policy, bring high efficiency, energy saving, environmental protection for the general customers a new experience!

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