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  • Air source heat pump drying industry into the development fast lane
  • Into the 21st century, China's agriculture has entered a rapid development stage: the state issued the new rural construction planning, and published the farm machinery subsidy policy of the products.Air drying equipment, were also included in the subsidy scope of agricultural machinery.To some extent, the use of air to heat pump drying, has been the trend of The Times.

    All along, the national government attaches great importance to the development of agriculture and rural economy.In 2017, according to the structural reforms to boost agricultural supply side and the establishment of green ecological oriented agricultural subsidy system reform of the new requirements, the implementation of agricultural goods two general office "in 2015 ~ 2017 guidance on the implementation of agricultural machinery purchase subsidy deployment, such as the central government allocated to the center of the farm machinery purchase subsidy capital of 18.6 billion yuan.Among them, the agricultural producing area in raw subsidy project (about 30% of the total project investment), the energy conservation transformation financial rewards project options (about 10% of the total project investment) drying facilities and storage facilities, and construction state subsidies by 30%.Air can industry experts believe that the country the subsidies, or direct stimulation of air drying the market further, air can heat pump drying industry into the development fast lane.


    It is understood that the traditional drying equipment is mainly fuel dryer, such as wood, coal, natural gas as fuel, this kind of drying equipment drying not only low efficiency, high cost, and will release a large number of harmful gas in the process of drying, pollute the environment.At the same time in the drying process is easy to damage the color of the material, destroy the presentation, and even the taste of contaminated material.In order to solve above drying problem, beneficial to the high temperature air dryers with arises at the historic moment.According to expert introduction,Tongyi high temperature heat pump dryers is energy conservation and emissions reduction, safety, environmental protection, drying effect is good, high efficiency and energy saving, low operating cost, save the labor cost, using a wide range of advantages, is higher than traditional drying out of the product quality, more energy-efficient, more environmentally friendly.Now Tongyi high temperature heat pump dryer has been widely used in tobacco baking, drying of fruit and vegetable drying, medicinal herbs, seafood drying, wax products drying, etc., well received by the masses of users.

    Recently, the 2017 China pump industry award recognition result, Tongyi heat pump with the best products, the application of advanced technology and rich experience, won the "ten excellent industrial and agricultural drying brand" honorary title.It not only reveals the social from all walks of Tongyi to brand recognition, can also reflected Tongyi in the heat pump drying pioneer leading role in the field of application, for leading industry peers to establish corporate image.As the country is becoming more and more attention and vigorously promote energy conservation and environmental protection products, high efficiency and energy saving of air to heat pump dryers will usher in a new development opportunity.Tongyi heat pump can be put in more research and development strength, speed up the development of air source utilization and use, promote the industrialization process, fresh air to the air industry development

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