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  • Announced the selection results Chinese heat pump industry, Tongyi heat pump added "double gold"
  • Recently, the discussion board in each major intern's opinions, on the basis of heat pump after China energy conservation association professional committee expert group discussion, review and vote, names of 2016 China's heat pump industry top ten leading brands, the ceremony for ten outstanding brand, ten excellent suppliers, ten excellent brand of industrial and agricultural drying and other awards.From among them,Tongyi heat pump won the "air to ten outstanding brand", "top ten outstanding brand of industrial and agricultural drying" two brands honor, for the outstanding achievements in technology research and development with advanced air source and the heating ,hot water, drying engineering project applications 

    let the industry feel possessed with Tongyis corporate brand charm again.

    It is well know that the event was hosted by Chinese pump industry association, through the force of example influence industry], to promote the healthy development of the industry.And market share, , research and development strength and production capacity, service of soft power is to measure a company was awarded "top ten brand" is the most tough.As air source industry veteran enterprises, Tongyi heat pump always focusing on the r&d and production of air source heat pump, is committed to energy conservation and emissions reduction.On the brand of qualification, the brand in addition to repeatedly won the "top ten brand", or heat pump industry only for "China public festival green contribution award", "star" of energy efficiency of air to the brand, and repeatedly won the "high-tech enterprise", "the most customer satisfaction brand", "little giant of science and technology" and other honors, so ten outstanding brand power point.In technology, Tongyi heat pump brand has passed the certification of national authoritative organization, reached the international advanced level, "ten outstanding brand" honor is deserved.

    The experts have pointed out that in technology, quality, marketing, service and so on, Tongyi heat pump can lead all the way, step by step to win, brand image is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, a good interpretation of an environmental protection enterprise shall have the attitude, won the title, Tongyi heat pump can be worthy!Power reveal charm, carrying the glory,and also can make persistent efforts, continuous innovation, leading the air industry healthy and rapid development.

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