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  • Air source heat pump become more and more popular,Tongyi heat pump was outstanding in shandong exhibition
  • On August 11-13, 2017 Shandong clean heating exhibition was held in Shandong Weifang.As the leading actor on the exhibition, the heating of the air source be big concerned.In numerous exhibition brand, Tongyi heat pump become one of the most popular brand of the heating industry.

    It is reported, Shandong ,as one of the northern province , its huge market demand nature also won the air source heat pump heating enterprise's attention.Each session of exhibition of heating heat pump brand all over the country flock to display their respective peak heat pump products, with the aid of the exhibition stage, full bloom brand charm.Tongyi heat pump be invited to the exhibition,  the exhibition floor heating of the air conditioning unit ultra gathered popularity, especially under the environment of low temperature of 25 ℃ below zero, floor heating air conditioning can still as usual, stable operation, attracted the interest of the customers.They visit booth earnestly, carefully consulting, sincerity to negotiate the business, linger, making with increasingly popularity is always full of the booth .Through the  communication, many dealers said the air source have a further understanding of heating products, also can set up to benefit the air product application and promotion in shandong province in the market have a strong confidence.

    At present the country and around the world are vigorously promote low-carbon way of life, the development momentum in recent years, rapid heating of the air source be precisely fit the concept of people's life in the pursuit of heating of the "clean".Under the multiple positive to promote, air source industry presents the fast development of the situation, wide prospect of market has become increasingly clear in the future.Tongyi heat pump will persist in innovation, research and development of more energy-efficient air products, help the dealers to grab the commanding heights of the future market.

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