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  • Air heat source will be widely used
  • The application of the solar energy is a household name, but the application of air source is in its infancy.Although more than ten years ago there was a man who put forward the slogan of "" into the air to heat, but rather slow development and application promotion.Of course, there is a market for cognitive reason, also has the policy factor, because the solar energy is a statutory renewable energy, the heat of  air source is a newborn, be included in the renewable energy not only need to market recognition, also need to formulate policies.But since 2015, the ministry will air heat energy into renewable energy, the application of air heat got fast development, the application fields are also expanding. 

    In order to adapt to demand more and more applications, many enterprises and research institutions have invest a lot of resources in r&d, private research institutions are involved in early and accurate input, key research.Recently, the reporter understands from the civil affairs department, specializing in air heat energy application technology research of folk research institutions - Tongyi air source institute in guangzhou city civil affairs bureau through the audit, and has set up a registered by China pump industry association, deputy director Mr Tang wall kratos deans.

    According to tang dean, air heat can be applied not only in life hot water, heating, heating, also can be used in the industrial drying, drying of agricultural products and food drying, Chinese herbal medicine drying, and other fields.Due to the application scope is more and more widely, the characteristics of various application scenarios, in order to meet the requirement of various application characteristics, the need for targeted application technology research, Tongyi air source institute is established based on the demand background.As an open platform for the public technology research, Tongyi air source institute  welcome various scientific research institutions and professional and technical personnel from all walks of life to participate in research work, share the achievements, and relying on the research of technological achievements, together to foster an open platform for the innovation business incubation.

    Relevant industry experts said that the establishment of the agency marks the air heat energy application technology research will enter a new historical stage, such a high-level positioning will together a large number of high-level professionals involved in exploring study, air heat will get more extensive application development!

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