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  • Air source heating in low temperature into the northeast of China
  • Recently, Liaoning, Jilin, Heilongjiang successively introduced clean heating, air source heat pump instead of coal-fired boiler related documents.As cold region in the northeast of China,The three provinces has always been part of people known as "air source heat pump off limits", but as in places such as Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei, Shanxi coal to electricity policy of encouraging, air source heat pump technology advances, and the government began to publish relevant guidance and subsidy policy, so that air can heat pump clean heating can play a bigger role in these provinces.

    Compared with the traditional heating means, air source heat pump  is more clean, safe, reliable, convenient, but a few years ago under the control of the bottleneck of compressor technology, ordinary air source heat pump is not up to under - 5 ℃ environment temperature stability in the heating.However, as in recent years, with the jet (spray) increase enthalpy technology, heat pump for the compressor of frequency conversion technology began to spread,We can't look at the air source heat pump as before.

    As the leading brand of this industry, Tongyi heat pump do a lot of market for heating in the north market cultivation and promotion, its air products in the domestic market more than 10 years experience in heating applications, north is known as the "leader" of the northern air to heating.Facing the cold northern winter low temperature, Tongyi heat pump adopt dual power (double) compressor, refrigerant R410A environmental protection, and 25 ° C under low temperature environment can still potent heating, can fully meet the demand of heating in winter in the north of China.In Tongyi be responsible of Tongzhou district, Fangshan district coal to electricity project, Tongyis heat pump earned praised by users,for powerful heating, zero fault operation, excellent product quality and super heating effect  in the ice and snow days of cryogenic environment

     The pollution problem of heating in winter, involves the optimization of energy structure and taking coal governance.Solution of loose coal burning pollution, is not only the relationship between the warm winter affairs of the people's livelihood of the masses, urgent matter is relationship between pollution problems, but also strategic important.Therefore, the state vigorously support clean energy transformation, the guidance and subsidy policy, such as Tongyi heta punp undoubtedly a batch of excellent brand of industry rapid development provides the opportunity.Tongyi will continue to increase in air to r&d and technology innovation, for users of energy saving, environmental protection air can perfect experience at the same time, positive response national policy for energy conservation and emissions reduction, promote the sustainable development of resources and environment in China.

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