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  • The "pioneer"of Special heat pump application - Tongyi Heat Pump
  • In decade .Air source heat pump industry in china is developed with quality while  through continuous innovation and draw lessons from the domestic and foreign advanced industrial manufacturing experience .Since the energy crisis and the country's emphasis on energy conservation and environmental protection industry and support, air source heat pump industry matures, its application field from heat pump hot water extends to the wider market, with special heat pump application industry development hot spot.

    "Special" is a generic, is relative to the two traditional application field of air source heat pump hot water, and heating. Specific to the application in real life, not only for these two traditional market, also for the electroplating factory, valve factory, slaughterhouses, farm product processing workshop and other industrial and agricultural market services, to improve the production and processing link of industrial and agricultural areas is relatively backward.Because the air source heat pump has safe environmental protection, high efficiency and energy saving, using a wide range of advantages, to a great extent, solve the traditional drying product the problem of low efficiency, high cost, so well received by customers.

    As a special "technocrat enterprise" in the field of heat pump application, Tongyi heat pump has accumulated rich experience in air heat energy application .The production of high temperature heat pump dryer has been applied gradually in many industries, such as: tobacco drying, drying of printing, wood drying, drying craft products, chemical materials, agricultural and sideline products, such as drying, good energy-saving effect can let from air well received in the terminal consumer market, it can not only realize the air industry revolutionary innovation, also created a huge social benefit and economic benefit, let more see hot water heat pump enterprise market outside of the blue ocean, glad to join the market opening of industry and agriculture.

    Heat pump experts point out that, with the deepening of the policy of saving energy and reducing consumption, the advance of technology innovation, social economic general improvement of living standards, air source heat pump will be more and more widely applied in all aspects of life and production.

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