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  • Tongyi Heat Pump- bring you different warmth this winter !
  • In recent years, the key words of heating in the north are three words: "coal to electricity"". As the name suggests, "coal to electricity" is the use of electric heaters, air heat pumps and other clean energy as a substitute for coal-fired boilers, reduce coal consumption, reduce air pollution. And many areas involved in "coal to electricity", Beijing, Hebei, Shandong, Shanxi and other regions have implemented a large range of "coal to electricity"". With the weather getting cooler every day, the northern region began to enter the heating season, and after the "coal to electricity" transformation, many residents also enjoy a comfortable heating in this winter.

    Taking the "coal to electricity" in Beijing as an example, in 2017, the heating renovation project in Beijing involved more than 700 villages. A number of air to the benefit of air as the representative of the energy companies have to participate, will be sent to install personnel, heat pump equipment installed to thousands of households. With the benefit of air heat pump heating, people generally reflect the "home warmer", "spend less", "with more peace of mind", "village clean", "in the air without the nose of the coal flavor anymore"...... The national policy and the benefit of air heat pump heating device, can stir up the thumb!

    Whether it is from the national focus on the level of economic development and environmental protection and to improve the livelihood level, or from the local government to promote the actual increase of air heat pump heating has certainly become the first choice , heat pump heating is comfortable, applicability, environmental protection and safety are the traditional heating such as coal-fired heating and air conditioning do not have. At present, the large areas of the north have set off a boom in air heating, which has led many people to gradually understand this new generation of heating equipment. With the continuous efforts of Tongyi heat pump as the representative of the enterprise, I believe this winter, northern people can enjoy different warmth.

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