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  • Tongyi and HC heat network together to create industry Festival !
  • By the heat network organized by Guangdong Tongyi Heat Pump Science and Technology Corp named "Tongyi air source Cup" HC 2017 tenth annual Chinese air industry brand exhibition cum Internet Conference will be held in Beijing. At present, the brand battle imminent, the participating companies highly anticipated, poised and ready for force, witness the glory of the moment brand enterprises.

    China air source brand event as the industry ", has now ushered in a gilded signboard" for tenth years. The ten years, the rapid development of air source industry, sales have exceeded 10 billion scale. 2017 is regarded as another golden period for the development of domestic air energy industry. With the national attention and support for energy saving and low carbon industry, "coal to electricity" and other projects to further promote, air source heat pump in the heating market will undoubtedly usher in a greater development bonus. The representatives, experts and scholars, outstanding air energy entrepreneurs and outstanding dealers representatives of the time and space gas industry will attend this brand event, and discuss the cutting-edge technology and future development direction of "coal to electricity" and "coal to gas" project in the north.

    It is worth mentioning that the event also received strong support from the Guangdong Tongyi heat pump ,Tongyi and HC has signed a strategic cooperation agreement, became the general title sponsor of HC 2017 tenth annual China air industry brand event. At present, every family has more than one thousand agents and engineering service providers for "Tongyi air source Cup" the air industry brand event, huge buyers will visit the event, Tongyi company will also work with the industry partner on air heat pump industry in the future.

    As the air to a leading brand in the industry leading enterprises, Tongyi heat pump  has been committed to clean energy utilization and environmental protection products, pay attention to energy saving and environmental protection products in the promotion and development of China market. This time and the HC HVAC industry reached a strategic cooperation, mainly in the hope of using HC heat network in the industry veteran media identity for Tongyi brand image and add color, HC as influential Internet companies to bring fresh blood into the traditional enterprise channel". The "marriage" between the two sides will give full play to their respective advantages and characteristics, the use of the brand event gathered by the omni directional, multi-channel publicity resources, as well as the strong resources of the industry, to achieve mutual benefit and win-win, help brand soaring.

    Once a year in November 28th, the industry greedy feast, "Tongyi air source Cup" China comfortable Home Furnishing industrial ecology conference and the tenth session of the HC2017 China air industry brand exhibition & business activities will be held to elect. Let's meet in Diaoyutai State Guest House, to witness the moment of glory, to compose a new chapter of industry!

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