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  • 1. In June,1999, Guangdong Tongyi Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd. was born, and at the end of this year, Tongyi air conditioner went into the market .

    2. In Dec.2002, Tongyi successfully researched and developed "High Efficient Air Conditioner" and "Oxygen Air Conditioner", acquired National Patent of Utility Model for a small-sized Oxygen Air Conditioner, one year earlier than Hair air conditioner of the same type in the market.

    3. In 2001, Tongyi products entered into Italian market  .

    4. In March 2002, Tongyi product was acquired the honor of "Steady Henan Market; Satisfied Consumption product"   

    5. In Sep.2003, Tongyi Company was awarded "Trustworthy Product on Quality" by Guangdong Light Industry Association.

    6. In Aug.2004, Commercial Water-stored typed Double Cycling Heating Exchanger and High Efficient Heat Pump Water Heater were obtained National Patent of Utility Model 
    7. In Nov.2004, Tongyi Company released the first heat pump water heater air conditioner among Chinese domestic market, and relavant technology was passed the recognition from national department and expert, Also this product was obtained  National Patent of Utility Model. 

    8. In Aug.2005, Tongyi was unanimously elected as the Director for and by New Energy Professional Committee of Guangdong Household Appliances Chamber of Commerce.

    9. In June, 2006, Tongyi brand product entered into Japanese market.

    10. In 2006, shareholders decided to increase capital input to RMB5 millions.

    11. In 2006, Air Source Heat Pump Water Heater Training Class of Huangpu Military Academy was built. Until now(2006-2009), Tongyi successfully held four session training, developing large amounts of technical after-service talent. 

    12. In Jan. 2007, Tongyi Company attended the work for national standard draft for domestic and similar use heat pump water heater, playing a role as vice group leader.

    13. In Feb. 2007, Tongyi Company acquired "Most Popular Guangdong Brand for Consumer.
    14. In March,2007, Tongyi applied engineering case and technology of air source heat pump water heater was chosen as "Most Excellent Energy-Saving Practical Case" by Energy-Saving Information Propaganda Center of National Development and Reform Commission

    15. In March,2007, Tongyi R&D "Compensated Cycling System" on his own, and obtained "National Patent of Utility Model".

    16. In March,2007, through cooperation with Hunan University, co-R&D " Combined Heat Pump Hot Water Air Conditioning and New-tech Research for Cold-hot Source"

    17. In April 2007, establishing partnership with Zhongshan Vatti, Tongyi become the specially designated enterprise for "Air Source Heat Pump Water Heater".

    18. In July,2007, Tongyi built "R&D Center for Tongyi Thermal Energy Engineering Technology"

    19. In Oct,2007, " Tongyi R&D Center " was firmly believed by Science and Technology Department of Liwan Dist.,Guangzhou City.

    20. In Oct,2007,Tongyi won a bid to have become "Guangzhou Energy-saving Service Supplier in Business Community".

    21. In Nov.2007, Tongyi Company won "Guangdong Integrity Model Firm" title.

    22. In Jan.2008,Tong Company signed cooperation agreement with Guangdong Industrial University, and united  R&D "Dynamic Cycling Cold-hot Water Supplying Unit based on Air Source Technology"

    23. In June, 2008,Uniting Guangdong Media, International Copper Association(China), Tongyi Company held large-scaled promotion activity on Hot Water Energy-saving Long March, with aim to promote energy conservation and emission reduction

    24. In June 2009, Tongyi was acquired the honor of "science and technology award" in  Liwan district,Guangzhou City.

    25. In July,2009, Tongyi Company took part in Chinese Heat pump Industry Alliance originated by China Energy-Saving Association and International Copper Association

    26. In June 2009, Tongyi was obtained the honor of "Guangdong province enterprise  conforming to contract and focusing on credit" .

    27. In Sept. 2009, National Standard for "domestic and similar use heat pump water heater" take effect,Tongyi, as vice group leader, made drafting.     

    28. In Sept. 2009, Tongyi completed sixth session for "Air Source Heat Pump Water Heater Training Class in Huangpu Military Academy", developing large amounts of technical service staff for this industry.

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