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    ---sending to Copenhagen Climate Change Conference

    Copenhagen Climate Change Conference attracts the attention from all over the world. However, it looks as if the "Interests Conference" filled with disputes and noises. China and USA respectively represent two groups- Developing countries and Developed countries. They clash with each other and insist their own positions with each reasons.Whereas, facing the realistic situation of global climate change, there is no sufficient time remained for human beings to rescue our earth. What we can and should consider now is the mutual benefits for the globe and survival challenge for humans.

    Vice director and commission member Mr Tang Bikui, from China Heat Pump Industry Alliance expresses his valuable and referential opinions, he believes our human beings reply on the natural environment for living, we can not pay money to buy such beautiful and natural atmosphere. Once our natural environment goes worse till the degree that we can not live on, whatever rich fortune becomes meaningless.So the truth and fact are.

    For the time being, what we should make great efforts are to bear more and more responsibility and obligation. The so-called Interest we can sacrifice, the only one earth we can not lose. Therefore, we are sending our best and sincere words to United Nations Copenhagen Climate Change Conference, hoping that you can reach the consensus, bear joint resonsibility, and finally  benifit the world( Global Tongyi).

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