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  • SANYO's CO2 heat pumps
  • SANYO adds highly efficient CO2 Heat Pumps

    SANYO's CO2 heat pumps of which 7,500 units have been sold already in Europe

    since 2004 and over 130,000 units in Japan since 2001 show high efficiency even

    at cold climate. The heat pumps for the European market are available with either

    4.5 or 9.0kW capacity and provide hot water and central heating through radiators

    as well as through floor heating. Main advantages are the high performance and

    reliability even in cold climates of up to -25°C. The heat pump has a outlet

    temperature of maximum 65°C and is supported by a CO2 rotary two-stage

    compressor that is resistant to high working pressure differentials.

    The company based in Japan with worldwide subsidies has developed a complete

    heating system that consists of the 4.5kW or 9.0kW heat pump, as well as the CO2

    rotary two-stage compressor, already showcased on, and the suitable tank

    unit. Besides its environmental, energy and cost benefits, the CO2 ECO Heating

    System is easy to install, practically maintenance free and can be used with most

    standard domestic systems.

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