Cycling-heated Heat Pump

Commercial Cycling-heated heat pump

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Tongyi heat pump, Double wall condensor, China heat pump

TONGYI KX-series circulating heat pump is connected to water tank through water pump circulation and heat water but store in the water tank in case of different amount of demands.


Water cycle air source water heater
1. R410A, hot water heat pump
2.High efficiency COP 4
3.LCD controller


Safe and reliable
Electric power and the life water are separated, security coefficient is high.

Efficient and energy-saving
Heat pump absorb lot of hot energy from air freely, all the consumed power just use to collect energy in the air by compressor, so it consumes just a quarter of the traditional electric heater, saving lot of electric cost for the user.

Green and environmental protection
By using solar energy, air hot energy and electric energy, there is no harmful gas being discharged during the work of heat pump.


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