EVI Low Temprature Heat Pump

EVI low temprature heat pump (top air discharge)

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Tongyi Thermal Engineering and Technology R&D Center have made outstanding achievement in New Generation Heat Pump -Tongyi EVI Low Temperature Heat Pump  Water Heater. This new type, through enhanced vapor injection(EVI) technology, is mainly appl ied  cold and severe climate and district. This heat pump COP overpasses 20% in such low temperature environment than normal heat pump; COP 1.8 under ambient temperature Minus 59F.


• Enhanced Vapor Injection (EVI) tech of international standard
• In cold temperatures, COP is 20% higher than common unit.
• COP can reach 2.0 when temp is lower than -15 ℃, the first choice of cold places.
• intelligentize, digital flow control technology


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