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Products quickly overview
Brand Name: TONGYI
Model Number:KX180SE
Type: Air Source Heat Pump
Installation: Freestanding
Certification: CE, UL,ISO9001,,,
Housing Material:coated steel
Use: industry need high temperature hot water
Heating capacity: 15-60KW
Power supply:380-420/3/50Hz

Commercial Occasion Application
Tongyi high temperature heat pump adopted invotech special high temperature compressor , use refrigerant XP140 , it can directly supply high temperature hot water to 85-90 degree, without auxiliary electrical heating device,widely used in industry field , like factories, farm house, hospitals, etc.

Key features:
1: Invotech high temp scroll compressor
2: high efficiency heat exchange
3: intelligent controlling system
4: Auto-defrosting program
5: long working life
6: low noise and vibration
7: easy installation and operation
8: COP >2.6
9: XP140 refrigerant CEO friendly
10: hot gas defrosting


Model No. KX180SE
Standard configuration
Cabinet Galvanized steel /anti-rusting stoving varnish/white
Compressor Invotech high temperature scroll compressor
Refrigerant Dupont XP140
Heat exchanger Co-axial heat exchanger (tube-in-tube)
Expansion valve Saginomiya /sanhua EEV
Defrosting AUTO -defrosting (reversing)
Technical specification  
Heating capacity (KW) 13
Input power(KW) 4.98
COP 2.6
Max input POWER (KW) 9.5
Max input current (A) 16.0
Power supply (V/Ph/Hz) 380-420/3/50
Hot water yield (L/h) 276
Rated /Max hot water outlet(°) 75-90
Exhaust gas pressure (Mpa) ≤3.0
Electric shock protection rating I
Waterproof rating IPX4
Pipeline water pressure (Mpa) ≤0.7
Circulating water pipe diameter DN40
Unit dimension(mm) 755*730*920
N.W(kg) 156
Noise(dB(A)) ≤56
Test condition: ambient temperature DB25℃/WB20℃,to heat initial water water temperature from 45℃ to 85℃。

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