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  • Tongyi BK series domestic heat pump water heaters (DHPWH) are designed for domestic hot water supply (shower, washing etc). 

    It is composed of an outdoor unit and an indoor unit (water tank). The heat exchange rate of split package unit is higher than single 

    package unit but the installation is not as easy as single package unit. You need to have a professional to connect both the refrigerant pipes and water pipes. The indoor unit (water tank) of our BK series can be mounted on wall.

    Use famous brands compressors only, such as Emerson Copland, Hitachi, Danfoss Performer which are specially designed for heat pumps. Use famous brands expansion valves only, such as Emerson Alco, Saginomiya electronic expansion valves which are more reliable and precise. Use state-of-the-art microchannel heat exchangers wrapped around the enamel tank,? which can completely avoid refrigerant leakage to water and protect both the tank and condenser against scaling. Use blue hydrophilic aluminum fin or golden copper fin evaporators only which are easy to clean, provided with higher rate of heat exchange, anti-freeze & corrosion.?
    Unlike heating by burning gas, it uses renewable energy and electricity, so gas poisoning is never going to happen. Unlike electric water heating, it has no potential of electric shock attribute to indirect heating by means of heat exchange between refrigerant and water. Unlike heating by burning , it heats water indirectly by means of heat exchange between refrigerant and water, no direct contact between electricity and water?? . It is provided with a lot of protections, such as anti-freeze protection, compressor over-heat protection,? Hi/Lo-pressure protection, Hi outlet water temperature protection and more.
    One unit of electricity can get 4 units of energy, which means you can save 3/4 electricity bill and so the payback period is very short. 50mm Hi-density 360° eco-friendly PUR foam thermal insulation molded by one step. Water temperature decreases only 1 ℃ over 24 hrs in winter, which can reduce energy consumption a lot. One heat pump, two functions, hot water and free cooling by means of cold recovery. It is a closed system, which is very durable. The designed life-span is up to 15 years.
    Use a new generation of environmentally-friendly refrigerant R-407C, R410A, R417A which has no poison and is a zero ozone-depletion-potential refrigerant. Unlike heating by burning fossil fuel or natural timber, it uses renewable energy and electricity, so it can avoid greenhouse and protect forest. It produces no PM2.5 directly or indirectly when using green electricity. Use renewable energy from nature and electricity which can be from green electricity.?
    With Tongyi's Cloud-control technology, you can monitor and control the system anytime anywhere by PC/Mobile, and makes remote service easier as long as internet access is available. Just set the system and then forget it. Tongyi's control panel is available to adjust parameters according to user's requirements, scheduled on/off? function makes life more convenient The heat pump is provided with self-diagnostic function, easier for service and maintenance A large LCD display with backlight controller can let you operate it easily at night and it looks nice.
    It can supply you 365days/year 24hrs/day constant temperature hot water, no matter sunny days, cloudy days, rainy days, snowy days. It allows precise water temperature settings in 1℃ increments ranging from 25℃ to 65℃. You can set a suitable temperature as you desire. Blow hot and cold will be history. Thanks to the quality materials, optimized construction, configuration, and effective noise reduction method , the unit runs quietly.

    >Features and benefits: Quality, safety, saving, eco-friendly, user-friendly, comfort

      >>If you want to learn more about the features and benefits, please click here to see how it is different.






    Rated water heating capacity  KW
    BTU 10200BTU 13600BTU
    Power Supply V/PH/HZ 220v/1ph/50hz 220v/1ph/50hz
    Input Power KW 0.89KW 1.18KW
    Running Current A 4A 5.4A
    COP   3.5 3.5
    Casing   Powder coated CRS steel Powder coated CRS steel
    Regrigerant   R417a R417a
    Circulation Pump   Optional Optional
    Controller   Tongyi  Brand Tongyi Brand
    Ambient operating temperature range deg C From -7 to 43 From -7 to 43
    Hot water gernerated L/h 76L/H 100L/H
    Thermostat Factory setting 55 55
    Maximum water outlet temp. 60 60
    Water connections inch 3/4" 3/4"
    Minimum Flow rate-5 deg delta L/min 20L/M 25L/M
    Pressure drop at min flow rate kPa 50kpa 50kpa
    Fan motor input W 80w 90w
    Fan speed RPM 850 850
    Noise dB(A) ≤48db ≤48db
    Net Dimension L 71CM 93CM
    W 25CM 28CM
    H 49CM 55CM
    Packing Dimension L 85CM 105CM
    W 35CM 40CM
    H 60CM 65CM
    Weight Net Weight 38KG 50KG
    Gross Weight 40KG 52KG
    Qty 1*20'container 84pcs 108pcs

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