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Q1:What is a ground source heat pump?
A ground source heat pump is a heating and cooling system that directs heat from one area to the other, with one of the areas being the ground. A ground source heat pump will draw heat from the ground to make the space hot in winters and will remove heat from the space to make it cool in summers. Furthermore, it is quite similar to a water source heat pump, which uses a water body for exchanging heat.
Q2:What can a ground source heat pump do?
heat in the winter
cool in the summer
dehumidify the air
circulate and filter the air
Q3:How do a ground source heat pump work?
The pump has a refrigerant inside it which moves through a loop. This refrigerant carries the heat from the required area to cause either heating or cooling.
The movement of the refrigerant is continuous so that once the heat exchange has taken place, it will continue again right after that. The continuous movement of the refrigerant helps keep the space cooled or heated at the required amount of temperature.
Q4:How does a ground source heat pump differ from other styles of heating or cooling?
Ensuring that keeping the heating or cooling continuing.
Do not use any kinds of chemicals that could pollute the environment.
High efficiency and low running costs.
Q5:I am worried about rising electricity costs – are Tongyi air source heat pump energy efficient?
Energy efficiency is an important factor when purchasing an heat pump.
Choosing the right heat pump and having it professionally installed is the best way to provide energy efficient heating and cooling for your home or other place.
An air source heat pump will require excessive energy to heat/cool your place. In addition, A Tongyi Specialist Dealer will help you select the most energy efficient option for you.
Q6:How do I choose the right size air source heat pump for my house/other place ?
Every place is different, and the right heat pump will depend on many factors.  It’s an important decision to get right, as heat pump that’s too small won’t adequately heat or cool your place, but one that’s too large will be inefficient and expensive to run.  Your Tongyi Specialist Dealer is an air conditioning expert, and has the knowledge, skills and experience to help you make the right choice.
Q7:Does Tongyi provide after sales support?
Tongyi takes pride in providing its customers with effective and efficient after sales service support. Tongyi also has a large, experienced team of fully qualified technicians.
Q8:Compared with traditional water heater, what is the uniqueness of air source heat pump water heater?
Convenient installation
Safe operation
Saving energy and power: the electricity consumption of air source heat pump water heater is equal to  1/4 power consumption of  common electric water heater;1/3 gas water heater;1/2 solar water heater; For example, expenses comparison-1 ton water to heat from 20 dg C to 55 dg C, RMB0.8kwh, electric water heater will consume 43 degree, fee RMB34.2 yuan(USD 5.00), However, Tongyi air source heat pump water heater only 10 degree power in total, fee RMB8.14 yuan(USD1.19), saving cost RMB 26 yuan (USD3.8).
Q9:What is Features of Tongyi heat pump water heater?
1.Suitable working temperature of heat pump:-10~40℃.
2.Special compressor for heat pump, durable and energy efficient.
3.Stainless steel plate heat exchanger, less flow resistance, high   efficiency   heat exchanger.
4.Reliable defrosting technology.
5.Microprocessor controlling system, prevent the problem of water mixing, make you comfort all the time.
6.Multi-protecting function, ensure the stable operation.

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