Quality Control

We’ve always been committed to creating a comfortable work environment for our workers. All the workers are well trained. Most of them worked in Tongyi for years. Meanwhile, we invest a lot of capital on advanced production technology and testing equipment. More importantly, Tongyi’s environmental simulation lab has the capacity of testing heat pumps under the temperature from -15℃ to +52℃.
Currently there are 3 assembly lines reaching a monthly production capacity up to 6000 units, with an astonishing on-time delivery rate of no less than 95% and a qualification rate of more than 98%.
We always put quality on the top. For each process, we established clear work instructions and guidelines which let our workers easily and fully understand the production and their tasks, so that can ensure the quality. In addition to above, all the incoming, process and outgoing inspections are very strict:
Incoming inspection: All the key parts are 100% inspected according to international standard and customer’s standards.Process inspection: Our IPQC will inspect all the process randomly.
Outgoing inspection: All finished heat pumps are 100% inspected before shipment according to international standards and customer’s standards. On request we can provide inspection reports to our customers.
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Four way valve lifespan  100000 TS
Pressure switch lifespan  100000 TS
Solenoid switch lifespan  100000 TS
AC contactor operation   100000 TS
Motor LR test           200 TS
Hign temperature Rotate test for fan At room / high temperature life test for Electrical components
High Temperature test : 70℃x2160hs
Low Temperature test: normal starting after 24 hours at low temp box
Pressure test : Ac voltage 1800V, the leakage current is nor greater than 5 ma
Insulated resistance:》10MΩ
Salty test: 35℃, 5%NaCl Continuous spray 480h
LR test: 《150℃, Action temperature
4320hs long running test
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