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About Heat Pumps

What types of heat pumps are available?

Tongyi offers air-to-water heat pumps based for residential units and air-to-water and water-to water in commercial heat pumps.

What advantages do heat pump units have compared to other heating methods?

Heat pump units offer energy savings, environmental friendliness, safety, and reduced operating costs. They generate heat without pollution, waste gas, or residue discharge. The overall operating cost is only 1/4 of traditional heating methods and 1/3 to 1/2 of fuel oil and gas. The average lifespan of a heat pump unit is up to fifteen years.

Does the heat pump unit consume electricity during operation?

Yes, it requires electricity, but the consumption is minimal. Electricity is used to drive the heat pump, absorbing heat from the environment for heating. Unlike conventional electric water heaters, the electricity consumption is significantly lower.

What is the initial investment and payback period for a heat pump unit?

While the initial investment is slightly higher than oil and gas boilers, the energy-saving effect typically recovers the cost within one and a half years. The service life of a heat pump unit can extend up to fifteen years, compared to the five-year lifespan of traditional boilers.

Is the air source heat pump unit easy to use and operate?

Yes, it is user-friendly with an automatic intelligent control system. Users only need to power it on initially, and subsequent usage involves automatic operations. The system stops automatically when the preset water temperature is reached, ensuring 24/7 hot water supply without waiting.

Can the heat pump unit operate in low winter temperatures?

Yes, the air to water heat pump unit can operate in low temperatures, thanks to an intelligent frost function ensuring stability. Particularly, the R32 unit with EVI function enhances performance in extreme low ambient temperatures.

Is frequent refrigerant charging necessary for the heat pump unit?

No, it is unnecessary. The air-energy heat pump unit comes pre-charged with refrigerant, similar to a sealed part like a refrigerator, eliminating the need for self-charging during use.

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