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What is CE marking?

The letters ‘CE’ appear on numerous products traded within the extended Single Market of the European Economic Area (EEA). They indicate that the products have been evaluated to meet strict safety, health, and environmental protection standards.

What is CE-LVD (Low Voltage Directive)?

The LVD outlines safety requirements for electrical equipment operating at voltages between 50V and 1000V for alternating current (AC) or between 75V and 1500V for direct current (DC). It applies to products such as power tools, household appliances, and audio/video equipment.

In today’s world, where electrical equipment plays an integral role in our daily lives, ensuring safety standards is paramount. One such crucial directive governing the safety of electrical equipment is the Low Voltage Directive (LVD). For equipment such as power tools and household appliances adherence to LVD standards is not just a regulatory necessity but a testament to a manufacturer’s dedication to quality and safety.

Tongyi Commercial Heat Pump Water Heaters (KX180SE) exemplify this commitment. These innovative water heaters, equipped with refrigerants R417A or R410A, have successfully navigated through the rigorous testing procedures mandated by the Low Voltage Directive.

Exclusive to the Asian market, Tongyi’s Commercial Heat Pump Water Heaters have gained reputation for their outstanding performance and reliability over the years. Their adherence to the LVD is a testament to Tongyi’s commitment to prioritizing consumer safety and satisfaction.

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