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Air-to-Water Heat Pump leveraging the Power of Renewable Energy

Join our exclusive distributor network and pave the way for success in the heat pump industry. This platform is your gateway to an extensive array of resources, ranging from detailed product specifications and impactful marketing materials to exclusive insights into upcoming events and comprehensive training sessions.

Stay at the forefront of industry trends by staying informed about our latest product launches and advancements, equipping you with the tools to offer your clients efficient heating solutions.

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As a Tongyi distributor, you’re not merely distributing products – you’re pioneering change and driving the transition towards greener energy solutions. Embrace this opportunity to differentiate yourself and be a driving force in shaping a more sustainable tomorrow.

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    Explore our comprehensive platform designed exclusively for distributors like you.

    Welcome to your dedicated resource hub, designed to elevate and optimize your distribution efforts. Our comprehensive dowloads catalogue provides everything you require for your commercial journey, from technical data to marketing materials. Easily access and download all the essential resources you need to support your business, all conveniently located in one place.”


    Air-to-Water Heat Pump leveraging the Power of Renewable Energy


    If you own a large establishment such as a hotel, hospital, or school, you can leverage renewable energy for heating and cooling in your facilities. Come inside and have a look!


    Explore our complete range of heat pumps for efficient residential space heating, cooling, and domestic hot water solutions, and unlock the many benefits Tongyi has to offer.

    Air Water Heat Pump

    Explore our range of heat pumps tailored to support and enhance your industrial and manufacturing processes, from fish farming to vegetable drying. Take a peek!


    Boost your performance with our comprehensive range of accessories


    Tongyi Heat Pump has been a pioneer in heat pump manufacturing for over two decades.

    Tongyi Heat Pump, recognized as a national high-tech enterprise, is committed to advancing air-to-water heat pump technology. We offer residential and commercial renewable solutions to clients all over the world.


    Explore the mechanism of an Air-to-water heat pump's operation.

    An air-to-water heat pump functions by absorbing the latent thermal energy present in the air, which serves as the primary heat source. Through a refrigeration cycle, the heat pump employs a compressor to increase the captured heat’s temperature and transfers it to a water-based system. This heated water can then be utilized for space heating, as well as domestic hot water production.


    Discover our projects and installations all over the world

    From big commercial installations to residential household space heating & cooling, our comprehensive solutions address diverse needs, ensuring optimal comfort and efficiency for every environment.


    Stay connected with our latest news and upcoming events.


    Welcome to Tongyi’s blog! We specialize in Air-to-Water heat pumps. Stay updated on HVAC and renewable energy innovations and join us in creating a greener future.

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    Discover our participation in past exhibitions and save the date for future events to discover the potential of sustainable solutions to contribute to a brighter future.

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    R290 Heat Pump Compressor: A Revolution in HVAC Technology

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