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Tongyi’s commercial heat pump ensures an energy-efficient supply, enhancing comfort and cutting energy costs by 40%.


Why Choose Tongyi Heat Pump for Your Business?

Hot Water System Upgrade for the Hot Spring Industry

The Guergou Hot Spring Scenic Spot located in Lixian, Sichuan, is known for its distinct plateau characteristics. Winters here are long and harsh, with average temperatures around minus three degrees Celsius. To ensure that visitors can enjoy hot springs comfortably throughout the year, the management decided to collaborate with Tongyi Heat Pump to provide reliable hot water service for the hot spring pools.

Ensuring Comfort in Harsh Winters

The extreme cold of Sichuan plateau presents a unique challenge for maintaining a consistent and comfortable water temperature. Traditional heating systems often struggle in such conditions, leading to fluctuations in water temperature that can influence the experience for your clients.

Innovative Heat Pump Technology

Tongyi Heat Pump systems are designed to perform efficiently even in severe weather conditions. By leveraging advanced air energy technology, these heat pumps can extract heat from the air, even at low temperatures, and transfer it to the water. This approach ensures a constant supply of hot water, regardless of the external temperature. 

Intelligent Control for Optimal Performance

A key feature of the Tongyi Heat Pump is its intelligent computer control system. This system allows for large-capacity water output and maintains a stable temperature around the clock. By continuously monitoring and adjusting the water temperature, the heat pump ensures that visitors enjoy a consistent and luxurious bathing experience. This level of control not only enhances comfort but also contributes to energy efficiency, making the operation more sustainable.

Creating a Five-Star Experience

The deployment of Tongyi Heat Pump technology has significantly elevated the quality of service at the Hot Spring Scenic Area. Guests can now enjoy the hot springs without worrying about temperature drops, even in the middle of winter. The reliable hot water supply has been instrumental in attracting more visitors, establishing the scenic area as a top destination for hot spring enthusiasts.

Sustainable and Reliable Solution

By utilizing air energy, a renewable resource, the system reduces reliance on fossil fuels, thereby decreasing carbon emissions. This sustainable approach aligns with global efforts to combat climate change and promote eco-friendly tourism.

With the support of Tongyi Heat Pump, the scenic area offers a five-star hot spring experience that is both comfortable and environmentally conscious.


Commercial Hot Spring Heat Pump


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5 Units Tongyi KX430S YIE/A


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    Case specific: Tongyi's KX430S Heat Pump enhances guest comfort and cuts energy costs by 40%.

    Upgrade your house with Tongyi heat pump – it’s a game-changer. Our system is extremely efficient, saving up to 40% on annual costs compared to the old setups such as boilers. Plus, it’s easy on energy, keeping water pressure steady and temperature constant at extreme climate scenarios.  Get a reliable hot water supply at a constant temperature, all with a simple installation.

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