Commercial Swimming Pool Heat Pump

Tongyi’s commercial swimming heat pump ensures an energy-efficient supply, enhancing comfort and cutting energy costs by 40%.


Why Choose Tongyi Heat Pump for Your Swimming Pool?

A Tongyi Heat Pump Gym Case 

Why do professionals prefer Tongyi Heat Pump? Explore the reasons through a case study of a fitness center in Chongqing, China.

Consistent Temperature for Optimal Comfort

Tongyi’s swimming pool heat pump, including this case, the 5 units Swimming Pool Heat Pump 43kW-KX430S YIE/A, maintain a constant water temperature of 28°C, ensuring a comfortable swimming experience year-round. This precise temperature control is crucial for both recreational swimmers and professional athletes.

Robust Construction for a Long Life Span

The unit is constructed from anti-corrosion materials, effectively preventing damage from everyday disinfectants. 

This ensures a longer lifespan and lower maintenance costs, which is a vital consideration for commercial pools frequently exposed to harsh chemicals.

Advanced Control Systems

Equipped with microcomputer automatic control, Tongyi Heat Pump offers precise operation. Furthermore, the integration of smartphone app connectivity allows gym managers to monitor and control the system remotely. This innovative feature provides real-time updates and control, ensuring the pool remains in perfect condition at all times.

Tongyi Swimming pool heat pumps stand out in the crowded market for their efficiency, durability, and advanced control features. By providing a superior swimming environment, they have become the go-to choice for fitness centers looking to enhance their facilities and attract more patrons. If you are considering an upgrade to your pool heating system, Tongyi Heat Pump is a smart, sustainable, and user-friendly option.

swimming pool heat pump

Commercial Swimming Pool Heat Pump


Real State / HVAC


5 Units Tongyi KX430S YIE/A


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    Case specific: Tongyi's KX430S Heat Pump enhances guest comfort and cuts energy costs by 40%.

    Upgrade your house with Tongyi heat pump – it’s a game-changer. Our system is extremely efficient, saving up to 40% on annual costs compared to the old setups such as boilers. Plus, it’s easy on energy, keeping water pressure steady and temperature constant at extreme climate scenarios.  Get a reliable hot water supply at a constant temperature, all with a simple installation.

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