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In the pursuit of eco-friendly and efficient heating solutions, heat pump technology plays a pivotal role. In this blog post, we’ll explore the top two models for the European market – R32 and R290 Air to Water Heat Pump – offering insights into their key features, with a special emphasis on the green sustainability advantages of the R290 model.

R32 Model: Engineering Excellence

The R32 model exemplifies engineering excellence with its state-of-the-art features, starting with a high-capacity first-tier brand compressor that guarantees a most efficient performance. Adding to its technological prowess is the incorporation of Enhanced Vapor Injection (EVI) Technology, specifically engineered for ultra-low temperature heating, showcasing unparalleled reliability even in the most extreme conditions. With low noise levels, this heat pump ensures a tranquil environment, contributing to an enhanced user experience. Moreover, the R32 model achieves a maximum water outlet temperature of 60 degrees Celsius, providing versatility and efficiency in meeting various heating needs.

R290 Air to Water Heat Pump: The Green Revolution Continues

The R290 model is equipped with a compressor and plate exchange heater from leading first-tier brands, marking a significant leap in operational efficiency. This combination ensures a streamlined and energy-efficient performance, with the added benefit of low noise operation at a mere 35dB(A). This feature also contributes to a tranquil and comfortable experience for users. Furthermore, the heat pump achieves a maximum water outlet temperature of 75 degrees Celsius, making it a versatile and reliable solution for various heating needs. With an impressive Coefficient of Performance (COP) exceeding 5.0 and an Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER) surpassing 3.8, the R290 model not only delivers exceptional efficiency but also stands as a testament to its commitment to high-performance standards.

Sustainability at its Core 

The sustainability features of the new R290 Air to Water Tongyi Heat Pump are underscored by its use of R290 refrigerant gas, recognized as propane and acknowledged for its natural origin with a minimal environmental footprint. The adoption of R290 aligns with a commitment to environmental responsibility, as evidenced by its exceptionally low Global Warming Potential (GWP) index of 3, surpassing the GWP index of 675 associated with R32. This natural refrigerant is environmentally friendly, devoid of chemicals emitting greenhouse gases, thus substantially reducing its impact on global warming. Additionally, the R290 heat pump stands out for its high energy efficiency, providing a sustainable and eco-conscious alternative to synthetic refrigerants, contributing to a greener and more responsible heating solution.


Common Features to Both Models

Both models boast a full-functioning design, integrating robust capabilities tailored for versatile applications. This ensures that users can seamlessly adapt their heat pumps to diverse heating requirements, adding a layer of flexibility to their usage. Offering a generous 5-year warranty, these models provide users with an extended period of peace of mind, assuring them of the durability and reliability of their chosen heating solution. Moreover, the commitment to adaptability extends to the wide voltage support, allowing these heat pumps to operate smoothly in various electrical environments. Aligning with modern demands, both models prioritize strong product performance, delivering heating solutions that go beyond conventional standards. Furthermore, the stable IOT connectivity service enhances user convenience, enabling remote monitoring and control, thus providing a satisfying overall user experience.

Facilitating an enriched customer experience, both the R32 and R290 models offer European After-Sales Points strategically located in Poland and Germany. These points serve as essential hubs, providing not only timely after-sales support but also offering accessories and valuable training. This ensures that customers in these regions receive comprehensive assistance, enhancing their overall satisfaction with the products.

OEM/ODM Service

Following our commitment to providing clients with unparalleled customization options, our models, including both the R32 and R290, proudly share ODM capabilities, enabling clients to design and customize their heat pumps extensively. From the external design to the strategic placement of internal components, we empower clients to tailor their heating solutions to meet specific needs and preferences. The commitment to personalization is further exemplified by the provision of unique appearance designs available for customization. This collective emphasis on customization underscores our dedication to not only delivering high-quality products but also fostering a customer-centric approach in both service and development offerings. At our core, we strive to empower clients with the tools and flexibility they need to create heat pump solutions perfectly suited to their unique requirements.


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