Airport Hot Water Installation for Plane Maintenance

Tongyi Air delivered a customized, energy-efficient, and eco-friendly heat pump solution for Beijing Daxing Airport. With its low energy consumption, ultra-quiet operation, and steadfast performance.


Commercial Hot Water System Upgrade for the Airport Infrastructure Industry

At Tongyi Heat Pump, our hot water system is a real player in big projects like Beijing Daxing Airport. Our Tongyi Commercial Heat Pump Water Heater is a key player, making sure there’s always hot water for plane maintenance all year round. It’s extremely reliable and saves energy, keeping the airport running smoothly and in a sustainable way.

But it’s not just about planes – our system also takes care of China Southern Airline’s VIP bathrooms, making sure they have hot water that’s reliable and steady. No matter how cold it gets outside, our system keeps delivering hot water, making sure everything works, even when it’s freezing.

Being part of big projects like Daxing Airport shows that Tongyi Heat Pump knows how to make heat pump systems that work well and save energy. We’re proud to be part of making sure everything runs smoothly at Beijing Daxing Airport and making travelers feel good in China Southern Airline’s VIP spots.

Beijing Daxing International Airport was opened in September 2019, becoming one of the world’s largest and most advanced airports.

It is located in the south of Beijing, China, and was designed to alleviate congestion at the existing Beijing Capital International Airport. It is known for its state-of-the-art facilities, futuristic design, and innovative features.

The airport is designed to handle a large volume of passengers, with an initial capacity of 45 million passengers per year, scalable to accommodate up to 100 million passengers in the future.

The airport focuses on sustainability with environmentally friendly features such as natural lighting, rainwater collection, and a geothermal energy system, showcasing its commitment to green initiatives.

Daxing Airport serves as a major transportation hub, connecting various modes of transportation, including high-speed rail and a network of highways.


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    No matter how cold it gets outside, our system keeps delivering hot water, making sure everything works, even when it’s freezing.

    Upgrade key infrastructure facilities with Tongyi hot water system – it’s a game-changer. Our system is extremely efficient, saving up to 40% on annual costs compared to the old setups. Plus, it’s easy on energy, keeping water pressure steady without extra pumps. Choose Tongyi Heat Pump for a reliable hot water supply at a constant temperature.