Stadium Hot Water Infrastructure Upgrade

Tongyi’s commercial hot water system ensures an energy-efficient supply, enhancing guest comfort and cutting operational costs by 40%.


Commercial Hot Water System Upgrade for Key Infrastructures

When it comes to providing a comfortable experience for the vast number of visitors to the iconic Olympic Bird’s Nest Stadium in Beijing, reliable hot water supply is a necessity. The challenge was to ensure a consistent and efficient hot water solution for the stadium’s restroom facilities, accommodating the needs of the large crowds during events.

Tongyi EVI Commercial Air Source Heat Pump emerged as the ideal solution for the Bird’s Nest Stadium. The commercial heat pump water heater was strategically selected to meet the specific demands of this high-profile venue.

Tongyi Heat Pump units are designed for exceptional efficiency, ensuring a reliable supply of hot water for the stadium’s restrooms even during peak usage.

Tongyi’s heat pump aligns with the sustainability goals of the Bird’s Nest Stadium, offering an eco-friendly solution that reduces energy consumption and environmental impact.

This water supply project provides a solid guarantee for the “Bird’s Nest” hot water system upgrade with its low energy consumption, ultra-quiet, and stable performance. This assurance reinforces the reliability of Tongyi’s heat pump solution in meeting the specific needs of high-profile venues.

Tongyi’s heat pump successfully addressed the hot water requirements of the Bird’s Nest Stadium, providing a seamless and reliable solution for restroom facilities during events and everyday usage.

The National Stadium, commonly known as the Bird’s Nest, is a symbol of architectural innovation and engineering marvel. It was built for the 2008 Summer Olympics.


Stadium Hot Water System Upgrade


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    Case specific: Tongyi's Hot Water System Upgrade enhances guest comfort and cuts operational costs by 40%.

    Upgrade your key infrastructures with Tongyi hot water systems – it’s a game-changer. Our system is extremely efficient, saving up to 40% on annual costs compared to the old setups. Plus, it’s easy on energy, keeping water pressure steady without extra pumps. Guests get reliable hot water supply at a constant temperature, and our setup fits any space.