Hot Water Key Infrastructure Upgrade

Tongyi’s commercial hot water system ensures an energy-efficient supply, enhancing comfort and cutting operational costs by 40%.


Commercial Hot Water System Upgrade for the Hotel Industry

Tongyi Heat Pump takes pride in being the designated hot water expert for the “Five-hundred-meter Aperture Spherical radio Telescope” (FAST) project located in Guizhou. This colossal radio telescope, the world’s largest with a diameter of 500 meters, is fondly nicknamed “Sky’s Eye.” Situated in the Dawodang depression in Pingtang County, Guizhou, it explores the interstellar space, capable of capturing radio signals from billions of light-years away.

Tongyi Heat Pump, with its low energy consumption, ultra-quiet operation, and exceptional performance in extremely low temperatures, plays a crucial role in ensuring the precise functioning of “Sky’s Eye.” As the designated hot water expert for the FAST project, our advanced hot water system is instrumental in supporting the operations of this world-class radio telescope.

Key Advantages:

Low Energy Consumption:

Our hot water system is designed for low energy consumption, ensuring a reliable hot water supply for “Sky’s Eye” without imposing a significant energy burden.

Ultra-Quiet Operation:

Tongyi Air Energy’s system operates with minimal noise, causing no disturbance to the high sensitivity operations of “Sky’s Eye” and facilitating smooth scientific research.

Ultra-Low Temperature Performance:

Excelling in the chilly environment of Guizhou, our system maintains outstanding performance even in ultra-low temperatures, providing reliable hot water support for prolonged observations by “Sky’s Eye.”


Key Infrastructure Hot Water System Upgrade


Key Infrastructure


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    Case specific: Tongyi's Hot Water System Upgrade enhances guest comfort and cuts operational costs by 40%.

    Upgrade your key infrastructure with Tongyi hot water system – it’s a game-changer. Our system is extremely efficient, saving up to 40% on annual costs compared to the old setups. Plus, it’s easy on energy, keeping water pressure steady without extra pumps. Guests get reliable hot water supply at a constant temperature, and our setup fits any space.