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Tongyi dedicated heat pump engineers are embarking on a tour with a  mission: to provide technical support, offer product training sessions, and deliver installation training, all aimed at promoting sustainable energy practices in Europe.

Tongyi Heat Pump has set out on an extraordinary journey across Europe, marking the commencement of the Engineer European Tour. This comprehensive tour will encompass stops in Poland, Germany, Slovenia, and beyond, as our team crosses the continent to introduce and demonstrate our sustainable heat pump solutions.

From Milan to Warsaw, our team is excited to showcase the innovative technologies and advancements that have positioned the heat pumps as a key player in the future of residential heating. With a solid commitment to sustainability and efficiency, our heat pump solutions offer an innovative approach to heating and cooling systems, promising powerful performance and reliability.

Central to our mission is the opportunity to engage directly with engineers and industry professionals across Europe. Through interactive demonstrations, informative sessions, and collaborative discussions, we aim to foster meaningful connections and exchange insights that drive innovation forward. Our team is eager to share expertise, address challenges, and explore opportunities for collaboration that may shape the future of heating solutions in Europe and beyond.

Furthermore, we are thrilled to express our gratitude for the overwhelming support and positive feedback received from our valued clients. Their satisfaction and endorsement serve as a testament to the quality, reliability, and effectiveness of Tongyi Heat Pump solutions. From easy installations to exceptional performance, their feedback reinforces our commitment to excellence and fuels our drive to continually keep improving.

As we embark on this engineer journey, we invite you to stay tuned for updates and insights from the Engineer European Tour. Follow along as we explore heating solutions together, harnessing the power of innovation, collaboration, and sustainability to create a greener, more efficient future.

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