EVI Heat Pump Water Heater (Top Air Discharge)


Introducing Air-to-Water Heat Pump Water Heater for commercial use. Efficient Water Heating for Commercial hot water needs. This split type Heat Pump design comes in different capacities (from 18kW to 45kW) tailored to your needs.

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Explore the mechanism of an Air-to-water heat pump's operation.

An air-to-water heat pump functions by absorbing the latent thermal energy present in the air, which serves as the primary heat source. Through a refrigeration cycle, the heat pump employs a compressor to increase the captured heat’s temperature and transfers it to a water-based system. This heated water can then be utilized for space heating, as well as domestic hot water production.

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"KX180S EP-2/A", "KX260S EP-2/A", "KX380S EP-2/A", "KX450S EP-2/A", "KX180S DEP-2/A", "KX350S DEP-2/A", "KX500S DEP"

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